Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fun with Rally!

 Dogs are finally out of coats to do conformation shows, but
beauty about performance events - nobody gives You any points
for excessive grooming...
So this weekend our "out of coats" dogs are having fun
with another Rally-O event at Bloomsburg, PA.
Our "seasoned veterans" - Roy and Lusha
for the first time went to Advanced class.
General difference between what they did before
and what they will have to do now- all work is done off leash.
Plus there are some more complicated elements and jumps...
All went well with them two on their day one
and both got another qualified scores and green ribbons!

As for our wonderful Chant, it was his debut at Rally Novice.
he performed very well and scored very well. 96 out of 100!
Great job Irina- Chant Team!

Jim did all the driving today and naturally You can not see me, as 
I'm the camera person...naturally.
Jim took some more stills and videos with his phone,
but I have no time to do anything with it as for now.
Tomorrow is another day, let see how it will go.

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