Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sammy's litter, 7 weeks old!

 When You have a lot to do, time just flies by...
What is always true in our house.
Hard to believe, but Sammy;s babies are already 7 weeks old.
Tomorrow we going to see our dearest vet Lisa Wallen .
But today they got their groom and we finally managed 
to do their photoshoot...
Only takes 3 to 4 hours to have it done with set-up , editing etc...
So enjoy! Doubtfully I'll have more time to repeat it any soon.
Above and below - two of our "young ladies".
Each has her own personality and I love them both, but...

... the #3 has stolen our hearts!
Her name is "Pippa" and she is our girl.
I think she knows it too.

 Pippa's two brothers (above and below)
reminding me some cartoon characters...
very cute, very animated...
And no wander, those two are half-brothers to our
precious Enchanter.
It was hard to let them go, but...
we will have Pippa to raise and this will be plenty.

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  1. Pippa's brothers do look like cartoon characters! Especially the follow on the bottom. *Love that beard*