Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Good times at the farm!

Above: Home-Run by Lusha and Elly
(Shazzam Of Oz Tactical Solution and
Adamis Virgin Mother)

End of October, we and our dogs still enjoying last warm days and 
taking advantage of any opportunity to get out there...
It is a special  treat for us, as majority of time is taken but
those precious puppies... Of course babies are priority,
 but adult dogs need their time too...
So few days ago, we just grabbed the group of girls
and went to visit our friends at Cove Creek.
Everybody had a good time - humans and dogs,
and we returned with bunch of good photos, what I'm going to share with You now...

 Above: Laila and Elly trotting side-by-side.
"Laila" - CH Shazzam Of Oz Arabian Night.

 Above: Leila and her beautiful daughter "Ziva".
Shazzam Of Oz Exclusive
(by CH Shazzam Of Oz Whatever & CH Shazzam Of Oz Arabian Night).

Below: Portrait of Ziva, thee Diva!

 Above - more of Ziva.
Below: "I'm just gliding here!" - Lusha.

Above: "We are family!"
Left to right-
Adamis Virgin Mother (Elly) &
Shazzam of Oz Tactical Solution (Lusha).
Elly is a full sister to Lusha's Mom, Bea.

Leila is checking around old garden beds.

 Above: Like mother, like daughter!
Ziva and Leila want their voices to be heard.

 Above: Elly is demonstrating her fabulous beard.
Leila is demonstrating her fabulous butt.

 Above: Line-up for the toy give-away.
Below: Lusha and Elly on a mission.

Above: Another one of Ziva. She was full of herself.
Below: Leila (left) and Ziva (right) enjoying running together. 

 Above: Ziva and Elly playing good girls 
and evil Lusha is sneaking on them two from behind...

Above: Leila and Ziva. Two true black beauties.
One is the Champion. The other one is yet to become one.
Watch for her going out to the ring next season.
She is ready!

 And this is my favorite shot of the day...
I call it "The Kiss".

Thank You to our friends Kent and Karen Durr
for sharing their beautiful place with us and our dogs.
Especial thank You to my best friend Karen
for helping us with this photoshoot
(we worked side-by side with two cameras!)

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