Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014 !


End of 2013 wasn't that easy here, in PA. We lost our dear friend, Roxanne
and I'm almost lost my car too... it spent two weeks in garage and still wasn't fixed,
no parts are available. So... it returned home "as is", but I took it any way,
life is going on,things still need to be done.
I'm catastrophically behind on all my blogging, so today I'm just posting something, 
just to get back to routine. I'm going to share with You two our litter-boxes,
full of the most precious litter one can imagine - puppies!
Right above - Gina's little guys, about 3 weeks old. We just extended their living area,
but they are not using much of it yet... what is about to change in a few days.
Gina naturally is out of her box and scavenging around.
With those 7 guys she feel herself on a mission to be looking for food... 24/7 !
Below of course is our beautiful Bea. She still have her "Diva-like" attitude with her second litter,
just as well as year ago she had with her first puppies.
Bea's litter is about two weeks old and just today they started to have their eyes open.
Love them. Want them all. Not going to happen. Maybe just one or two...
if they are that good, as their Mom and Dad, who BTW is a visiting us here Gr Champion
from Japan and we used him before on Bea's full sister Ellein.
Elly had gorgeous litter and I wouldn't expect anything lesser from Bear.
But "Thou shell see"....

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