Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gina's glorious 7 are month old!

Where did all that time go?!. With Holiday season and many other things
we lost trucking of day... And look at those little guys now - month old!
I hardly can believe it.

Just like last year's litter, they are getting more and more beautiful day by day.
Give them another two weeks and they will be totally irresistible.
I also can bet - they will be much more mischievous.
We better enjoy those few extra days of quiet times... before pups decided
they are grown up now and will demand this and that... just like human toddlers.

Surprisingly today they were cooperative even with this photoshoot, what most of pups
of this age don't appreciate much... what makes much of extra work for Ira and I.

This little guy is my personal favorite... he is very smart and already total show off.
And of course there are girls... if You like girls, boys can be show off all they want, but
You can not give up idea about those little princess...
Oh! Three Princesses!

Well, guys, hope You all enjoyed it. We sure did, even Ira had to bring up her usual:
" they look much better then Your pictures!".
I know they do, but only so much I can do with my camera...
 Maybe in a few days I'll get to video, but not now.
Somehow it is midnight already.
Pups are sleeping and I feel like I have done enough of blogging for this late time.

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