Monday, January 20, 2014

Gina's and Bea's babies. Just one more update.

 Big day today for both litters... They got their living area extended almost twice!
This is how our living room is looking right now... But do not worry! 
We still have plenty of room for people too.

 Her Majesty Bea with Hers.

 And Bea's kids without their Mom.

 ... and Gina's kids (without Gina, of course!)

 They are just too big (and too many) for me to attempt
to take a good pictures of them with their Mom.
Instead of Mom Irina gave them that beaver
(the only brown blob on the top right).
The rest of this pile are puppies. 

 Those two - little girl (above) and little boy (below)
so far still available.

Later this week I hope to have video posted too...

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