Thursday, March 23, 2017

York dog show cluster 2017.

 After some x-amount of digging we got my car out.
But it was no way to bring it down to our back yard
to pick up all stuff and dogs.
Therefore we used JR's shuttle services -
Jim put into good use his UTV
and was daily getting everybody in and out...
Whatever works!

 Long story short - show cluster went well.
Baby Josie got some good ring practice
and collected beautiful ribbons and even really beautiful
big rosette for the Puppy Group 4th placement.

 Lusha did outstandingly well and went two days
Best Of Breed and other two days -
Best Of Opposite Sex to Best Of Breed.
She had another major win on Saturday
and went Owner/Handled Group 2 as well.
She mean business!

Dora on other hand did very well on day one,
but no so well other 3 days.
We figured she need more ring time and as result
she will be going to the Club as often as we can take her.
I think she is getting idea - shows are good
and fun. Not sure why she forgot about it.
She was perfect in December, but...
 she is Xolo and doesn't need reasoning to do what she does.

And of course our puppy Rosie also need her ring practice,
therefore she makes company to Dora
in our Club outings.

Now we will have few weeks without shows, 
but in April girls are going back to the ring
and Lusha has more of agility trials too...
I believe she is starting to really like those...
and she is getting very good in it too...

Stay tuned to her adventures!

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