Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Our ACT agility tests.

Long story short - all went well!
Not like it was simple, but a bit more relaxed then regular trials.
However Lusha had to do 4 runs and normally we do not do more then one..
Therefore I wasn't very surprised to see her getting tired by the end of third run.
But she finished well that one and one more... 
and ended up with all 4 Qs!
What mean we have two new Agility titles
and ready to move on "standard" equipment.
As soon Lusha finishes her "Jumper With Weavers" (JWW)
or Standard Novice title she will be eligible for her 
Versatility Dog Award, issued by
American Miniature Schnauzer Club.
 To receive that award dog has to have titles at at list 3 different disciplines
and meet specific points requirements. She is almost there.
Sooo... here is our first run for AKC ACT1.
Irina recorded whole thing, so far we with Lusha were running.

And below is one of two ACT2 courses we did.
A bit different obstacles vs ACT1.

We both enjoyed it... I love my little lady!
Go, Lusha!

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