Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who is training whom?...

 Dogs are amazing trainers. Believe my word, based on many years of living together with our dogs and observing just how good they are with training of their humans. And schnauzers are brilliant in that, so carefully watching us, collecting evidence of our weaknesses , learning our push -buttons and using them to get a pleasant for them,schnauzers, response . Probably,all our puppies families remember me mentioned that "push-button" theory when you got your puppy, don't you,guys? :-)  

One of the most successful way to make humane to do what dog want is to use " I-am - going -to - starve -to-death" tactic. Not a lot of people can stand their dog missing a meal. Often it starts very innocent way - morning, you have to go to job, million things need to be done before you leave . Familiar with this? I am. :-)
And here he is - Thee Dog. And his bowl with food, what , for some of his own reason, dog did not touch.
In human mind ( well, no offend, in woman's mind for sure ) all kind of scary thoughts start immediately run onto each other "is my doggy sick? I have to stay home...I can't stay home,not today... what if he is really sick, his eyes are so sad...why he did not eat? ". When we short in time , brain have tendency not to think long-term programs, but offer us most quick and seems to be logical at the moment solution. Here , bowl with food already picked up ,food topped with cheese . And - moment later it's gone. Dog is not going to die from starvation. You are not going to run whole day thinking only "what if he is sick'. It did the trick.
You got a peace of mind. Dog got food.And cheese. And - perfect lesson how to make human to give him cheese on a top of it.

Next time he will try to push you a bit more. Some more of a struggle look on his sweet face , few more minutes /hours of not touching his food. What would be your breaking point be?
And,like I said, schnauzers are masters in manipulating of their humans. We have a dog in the family, who,probably, deserved a professor in human study title. Lots of you remember our black Quincy. She belong to our daughter , and when our girl moved out of nestle, Quincy moved with her. This is when the fun begun. :-) At first, everything was all right. Then little Quincy start slowly pulling small tests on Veronica ,refusing to eat dry food...then the other kind of dry food...super-holistic food...canned food. The funny part is - while the little poor doggy was visiting us to stay for day or two, as our daughter was working weird hours job, Quincy was just her usual self - "vacuum-cleaner like" food gulping dog , same very food she totally refused to eat an hour ago at home.

Veronica decided to switch the dog on home-cooked meals only ( we usually are using half-and-a half ration for our dogs ). It was a huge relieve. Dog and humans were happy and world was perfect. For a while.
But last evening I had a phone call from our daughter. In the morning Quincy refused chicken. In the evening bowl with rice and beef dinner was left untouched. Quincy with sadness and straggle imprinted in eyes was pulling a" hungry dog guilt" trick on her family from the pillow. I clearly start to feel a notes of stress in my child voice .

I do not know how far this dog can bring this game. But look like grilled hamburger what our son-in-law presented her did not meet any objections. :-)

Aren't you agree schnauzers are great trainers? :-)

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