Friday, February 3, 2012

Jasmin's litter was born!

Just like you can see, Mommy Jasmin was expecting... for the last time! I'm going to retire her after this liter.
Normally Jasmine has about even amount of black and Black/silver babies, but this time she surprised us with complete litter of blacks. I knew she will come up with something "special" at the end and she did.

We ended up with 5 beautiful puppies - 3 boys and 2 girls. After jasmine is done feeding and taking care of them, she will go to her new home and live long and happily ever after with Our Veronika
and her soon-to-be-a husband Todd. Veronica already has Jasmine's daughter, Quincy, what she took along when she moved out to her finance and now jasmine will be second dog in their house to make Quincy a company. Sure they both will be visiting often, so it is not really like saying "goodbye!".

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