Sunday, December 3, 2017

October /November 2017 news and updates.

We had a lot of going on in October... 
Let start from the simple fact - first week of this month
was a week of our National Specialty conformation show
and performance events and our dogs participated at both!

I'll try to compact everything what happened and keep long story short.

Lusha got 2 Qs in Open Jumpers class
(2 at Montgomery trials and last one- soon after)
and got her Jumpers Open Title.
Gigi got her Novice title in Jumpers and first Q in Standard.

We got some professional pictures of Lusha
running at Montgomery trials, she was all about it!

Soon after Lusha finished her journey to next level
of conformation achievement and now she is officially recorded
GR Champion Bronze!
(Pictured below)

Lusha's older sister Awwa
(Shazzam Of Oz Awesom News) also did great, 
won her last major and complied requirements for AKC
Champion Title!
Go Awwa!

Lusha's youngest sister, Josie
(Shazzam Of Oz Josefina)
won several shows and now has 5 points
toward her Championship.

Meanwhile our Dora...
(Not to forget none-schnauzer!)
went to National Dog Show at Oaks PA
and won her second 4 points major!
Dora is only 2 points away from becoming AKC Champion!

Several dogs went to try themselves at Barn Hunt trials...
Now we have Gigi completed her Instinct Title.
Lusha completed Instinct and has 2 Qs toward her Novice Title.
Chant got his instinct and his Novice Title at Barn Hunt!

And naturally while Lusha, Chant, Awwa, Josie, Dora and Gigi did all of above,
our Tutta raised litter of beautiful puppies and was a perfect Mom!

.... and this is WHY I had no time for blogging...
Sorry, I'll try to do it better next time!...

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