Friday, September 29, 2017

Dog shows and more.

 This summer we had plenty of fun showing some of our youngest
show starts. Josefina "Josie" was in a lead
with attending more shows then the rest.
So far she has the biggest collection of "reserve winner" ribbons
we ever had on a dog. I hope soon it is about to change into
"winner" ribbons collection.
She is fun to show (photo above).

 Our "Time Girls" - Manya and Tory 
also hit the show grounds for the first time and did very well.
Currently we are working on their coats
to bring them into perfect condition, instead of
puppy coats.
Those two are my show plan for upcoming 2018 year.
Pictured: Tory with me and Manya with Irina.

And of course there is the Eddy!...
Growing up and potentially will be shown few times
later in a season.
Currently we are working on his coat too..

Our Prima Donna - "Lusha"
(pictured above with me on two different occasions)
finishing her 2017 show season and quickly approaching 
big mile stone of becoming AKC Bronze Level Grand Champion.
She also was awarded with prestigious
American Miniature Schnauzer Club
Versatility Award
what is only given to the dogs who achieved excellence
in several different performance fields...
At Lusha's case it will be Conformation shows,
Agility and Obedience.
Only a few dogs receive this Club's Award every year
and in 2017 Lusha is one of those few.
And the year is not over yet...
Perhaps we soon to add Barn Hunt Novice title
to her impressive collection!
Go Lusha!

As for our non-schnauzers crew...
Our beautiful Dora received her first major in Macungie, PA.
We love You, girl!

Meanwhile Gigi was having fun performing in agility
and got her first let on her first ever run
with the perfect score of 100 and being top of the class!

Stay tuned... more updates coming!

(That is just so much going on there,
I have no time to post any of it really!)

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