Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Good things, bad things...

Unfortunately how some of You know already litter from Elly didn't happen... Not everything is nice and simple every time when it comes to delivery... not at all.
But thankfully Elly is alright and doesn't even realize her litter is gone...
Instead she is totally sure it is all Awwa's fault. Awwa should be the one who took her puppies
(regardless of fact Awwa's two girls are two weeks old now.) 
Luckily for Elly Awwa doesn't care what Elly thinks, so her furry butt is safe...
It wouldn't be the first time when Momma Dog suddenly decided that other Momma's puppies should belong to her... And not always their negotiations between those two are peaceful...
Now about that Awwa and her little girls.

Girls are in fact anything, but "little".
Yesterday they turned to be two weeks old and now have their eyes open
wide on big World around. Awwa has tons om milk and those two are huge and fat.
Awwa loves them and taking great care of both, but she is not one of those crazy Moms
who will not step away from their litter. Instead she feeds them , clean them up
and asking to go check other things out...
Mainly to find out what is going on on kitchen, of course.

Above - Awwa and girls are enjoying their family time.
Girls are 10 days old on this photo.

Above: Tory (on a top) and Manya (below). Two weeks old.
Bright eyes and bushy everything else...
They have big future ahead, but they care less,
so far there is a milk and warm pace to sleep.

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  1. I am so sorry for Elly's, yours and the future pups families loss... Hopefully Elly and Awwa find peace again soon.

    I am so happy for Awwa and you guys though. At least with a time of such a great loss there were these two special girls to brighten your day. They are gorgeous!