Monday, January 25, 2016

Brrrrrrr!... It is too much of snow!

"Winter is coming.... The entire thing.
All at once. In one weekend."

Actually it is exactly what we got here.
Our average snow-fall for the winter considered to be 30,6".
We got 30,2" over about 24 hours period.

What does it mean?...
It mean that even to let our dogs out, we had to dig out area for them to walk.
Not to mention many other fact... very impressive..
Sort of funny. Pretty exhausting.

 Dogs really do not care much what owners have to dig.
This is Lusha's outlook at all this snow situation.

"I'm sleeping on it!"

 On other hand Elly's puppies are anything BUT sleeping.
They are playing a lot. Walking/talking and luckily for them
have no idea what snow is about.
Above- little ladies. Below - Mr. Winston, of course!

And now all 3 with Veronika, who came to help with the snow situation
and ended up with puppy socializing situation.
Happens all the time!

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