Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Good news / bad news.

All right... Let start from good news. Everything is going all right at our end of Universe.
Dogs are healthy and happy, puppies are growing. "Older models" are doing well too...
Our Cassandra (above) will be turning 13 in April and still look great and going strong.
Just groomed her today "wintry-style".. Isn't she beauty?...
BTW, she is a great-grandmother to Gina's puppy-pile what You can see below...

So what bout those bad news, You are asking?..
Those are nothing dog related, however... it will somewhat get on a way of my picture posting
and blogging capabilities.
Bad news are - my main computer quit working the other morning
and it will take indefinite amount of time to bring it back to life...
If it is even possible.
All my files are there and so all my image and video editing software...
 therefore mean while I'm learning to get my best from IOS.
Not that bad, I may say... But I want my PC back
and the sooner - the better.
So... bear with me here, I only can do so much at the moment.


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