Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sammy's and Bobby's litters 2014.

Today, May 20 2014, Bobby picked as a perfect day to have her puppies.
On this picture she is just finished with her delivery, we didn't even give her a bath yet.
So far everybody is doing all right. But I never was a big fan of posting too much information
on new born puppies, because things do happen...
And if they do, it usually happed during first few days.
So far so good. Bobby is happy to be done and so are we with Irina.

On other hand Sammy's litter is doing great, no questions about that.
They are two weeks to be tomorrow, and
I have no worries about those guys except for the fact
Sam had too much of a milk first few days
and they all got sort of..let call it "chubby"...
Very soon they all will have their eyes open. Adorable little guys..
boys are looking just like their dad when he was this little.
Stay tuned... more to come in a few days.

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